art freelancer

Hi, I’m Katshima


Who I am

Hello! My name is Kat, a reincarnation who has been separated into two entities. 

My material entity may not show much in the way of emotion, while my other ethereal self is just the opposite, a very lively, almost cocky spirit

It has just been me and my ghost wandering alone for years, and in this period of isolation I have found my passion for creations.


my work


My inspirations are Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Tatsuki Fujimoto, and Sui Ishida. I hope to continue this journey to improve my creations and develop new abilities.

what i can do


Concept art

180 usd

Character Sheet

200 usd


15 usd / each

panel art 

50 usd / each

Full Illustration

half body 80 usd
full body 120 usd

l2d Model Art

full body 450 usd
half body 225 usd


Contact me 

Please, send me a message in my contact page form. I will reply as soon as possible.